(The most commonly used nail shapes in life are: square, square, oval, and pointed. You can create a perfect nail shape according to your hand shape and preferences.

How to recognize nail shape?

Square nails: Generally speaking, square nails are personalized and trendy, not easy to break, and are more popular with professional women and white-collar workers.

Square-shaped nails: The front and sides of the square-shaped nails are straight, and the edges and corners are arc-shaped. This kind of strong-looking shape gives people a soft feeling. For obvious joints, thin fingers Customers, the square circle can make up for the shortcomings.

Oval nails: Oval nails, starting from the free edge, the outline of the nail tip is oval, which is a traditional oriental nail shape.

Pointed nails: Pointed nails are easy to break due to their small contact area, while Asian nails are thinner and are not suitable for sharpening.

How to match your manicure plan and color recommendation according to the characteristics of your hand?

1. Longer type
Hand characteristics: The length ratio of the fingers to the palm is 1:1, the width of the two parts is similar, each finger is slender and symmetrical, and the nails are regular oval or rounded rectangles.
Manicure plan: You can try many shapes, especially those exaggerated nail shapes.
Color recommendation: Because of the beautiful hand shape, you can try some unique color nail polishes, but you must pay attention to the coordination with the clothing and the environment.

2. Lean
Characteristics of hand shape: Part of the formation of this hand shape is due to thinness and lack of water. There are more fine lines. Generally, the joints will be prominent and appear a bit jerky.
Manicure plan: For such thin hands, do not trim long pointed nails, otherwise it will make people think of rich. It should be neutralized with a plump oval nail, with a nail edge of about 3 mm.
Color retention: Don't choose pearlescent and granular nail polishes lightly, because they give people a matte feeling and will increase the dryness. So you can choose some moisturizing colors.

3. Fatty
Hand characteristics: Like a doll that never grows up, the hands are always fat, each finger belly is relatively fat, the natural shape of the nails are generally short, square, flat, and some are in the shape of an inverted ladder. The whole hand shape remedy.
Manicure plan: In order to maintain the innocence and cuteness of the doll-shaped hands, choose round short nails, and the length of the nail should not exceed 1.5 mm.
Color recommendation: It is best to keep it natural. You can usually choose nail polish with natural color and strong sense of transparency. Sometimes in order to match the clothes, choose light-colored pearlescent and granular nail polish to make you look more elvish and lovely.

4. Pointed cone
Hand characteristics: Whether fat or thin, this hand shape is more common. Generally, the palm of the hand is much wider and thicker than the finger part. Natural nails are narrower.
Manicure plan: In order to make the entire finger more symmetrical, try to choose a wider square armor, and the length of the nail should be determined according to the length of the hand. But it is best not to exceed 3 mm.
Color recommendation: As your fingertips are narrow, try not to use dark nail polish. Combining its simple and friendly characteristics, you can choose some softer and charming colors.

5. rectangle
Hand shape characteristics: This kind of hand shape is rare in girls. The entire palm is a regular rectangle, each finger is almost the same width from root to tip, and the fingernails are beautifully rounded and rectangular. It looks slender and powerful.
Manicure plan: In order to fully show your slender elegance, it is recommended that you can make your nails into fashionable rounded rectangles. The length is about 4.5 mm.
Color promotion: suitable for almost all colors, especially for pure nail polish. Cool nail polish will make your hands look more elegant.

6. Stubby
Hand characteristics: Although this kind of hand is not slender, it looks simple and cute. The palm is relatively wide, the fingers are basically the same width at both ends, the finger belly is relatively thick, and the nails are square or round.
Manicure plan: In order to have a visual contraction effect, it is necessary to follow the width of the natural nail shape into a pointed oval with a length of about 3 mm.
Color recommendation: Don't use dark nail polish easily, it will highlight the width of your fingers in contrast, you can use some medium depth nail polish

What are some tips for manicure?
1. Anti-cracking skills:
First soak your nails with warm water, dry them, and apply a layer of hand lotion that softens the cuticles.
Use a nail clipper to cut from the right side of the nail (left hand), and do not take too much each time. Remember, do not cut from the middle of the nail, as it will easily crack the nail.

2. Symmetry technique: After you finish your nails, you often find a little asymmetry, but you don't dare to cut it, then you can turn your hands upside down and look at it, and quickly check out what is wrong.

3. Smoothing technique: If you encounter uneven nails, first use a nail file to smooth it slowly. If the area is large, you can use a polishing stone to trim it.

4. Nail core technique: The so-called nail core is the connection between the nail cover and the finger. We often make the nail core line irregular due to various reasons, and the flaws are exposed when applying transparent nail polish, so we can use some small pieces of equipment to stretch under the nail cover and gently push it flat.

How to distinguish the relationship between skin tone and nail polish?
The dazzling array of nail polishes is sometimes really unpredictable as to what color to use, and it often results in being forced to give away after buying it. It is better to understand the relationship between skin tone and nail color before choosing!

1. People with brown complexion: The maroon series and deep red series that are close to the natural complexion can make the complexion look even and healthy, and make the brown skin become exotic golden and silver. You can also try it! Hair orange nail polish.

2. People with yellow skin: colorful pearl polish and warm red nail polish will make the hands look feminine. Black, gray, and green nail polish will make your hands look yellower, so be careful!

3. People with fair complexion: Almost all colors are suitable for people with light complexion, especially pink and light purple nail polish to highlight the fair complexion.

4. People with darker skin: more suitable for light-colored nail polishes, pink, white, and even brighter nail polishes.

What are the tips for applying nail polish?

1. Wide nails:

When applying nail polish, leave a long and narrow gap on both sides of the nails to make the nails look slender.

2. Long nails:

You can apply from the middle of the nail first, and then appear thin in the front and thick in the back.

3. Crooked nails:

No matter how crooked your nails are, you must first trim the cross-section flat, and then adjust the inclination of the nails on both sides in time when applying nail polish.

4. Dark nail polish:
When applying, the brush should not lie too flat, the brush and the nail cover should be at an angle of about 30 degrees, and the force should be even. Take a small amount of the first stroke and apply a thin layer first.
Start applying from your fingertips to prevent peeling.

5. Pearlescent nail polish:
Take enough nail polish at a time, because pearl polish is easy to dry, so the action must be fast.
Apply the brush upright, otherwise it will cause unevenness. )

Nail polish tutorial
1. Wash your hands first, disinfect them, and correct the shape of your nails with a scrub strip.
2. Coating with calcium primer, on the nail surface.
3. Dip a little nail polish on the tip of the nail tip, and then paint the opposite side of the nail tip.
4. Rub the middle of the nail, the brush is slightly flat, and the brush head is slightly opened.
5. Paint the left side of the nail, and then paint the right side of the nail.
6. Apply a second nail polish thinly.
7. After applying the nail polish, if there is excess nail polish spilled, use the label to dip the selected nail polish and wipe off the excess nail polish.
8. Apply another layer of bright oil.
9. Finished.