Feelings – is a collection of environmental photography and poems that complement each other.

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The poems in this collection complement express that feeling that’s within, that thought lurking deep inside.

is exactly what it is, expressions from deep within, words you will want to read over and over again. It’s a treasury of thoughts, feelings, and expressions of love, joy, sadness, and sweet memories.


Featured Poem(s) from; Feelings 


The little that we had was grand, wonderful, and true

The little that we had filled me with joy and gave me hope to see the sunrise and inevitably caused me to glory in the blissful moments we shared

It brought tranquility to my human heart to patiently wait to see you again

And it’s all because I cherished more than ever the little that we had.

The little that we had was treasured gold

Many have lived a lifetime in search of what we had

It filled my innermost vacuum with love to the overflowing.

And . . .

Although we never reached the top of the mount’

You meant more to me than you’ll ever know

Because in my memories you reign supreme

And here I am desperately in need of just a little of the little that we once had.


Review For: Feelings

Book Viral Review

A contemporary collection of love poems to delight and encourage reflection, Feelings: Expressions from deep within is the latest release from author and poet Garfield Whyte. Expressive, flexible and tenaciously taunting there’s a certain exuberance to Whyte’s words that make them wholly beguiling. He’s brazen in his choice of tone and tempo, demonstrating a genuine reference for the language he employs and whilst often whimsical, there’s genuine poignancy, insight and recognition. Poetry is invariably an alchemy of toil and craft, but creating a unifying sense of purpose takes it to a different level.  Whyte achieves this with consummate ease, creating vivid imagery that brings his words to life and in doing so leaves us in no doubt that these are internalised and deeply felt reflections. Not only to be read, but serving as a timely and humbling reminder of the power of words when they come from the heart.

Powerfully poignant, Feelings proves a memorable introduction to Whyte’s poetic versus and is definitely recommended.


Reviewed by Patricia Reding for Readers' Favorite

Concentrating on such issues as memories that cling, love - both lost and found - tortuous desires, deep secrets, things pursued, and hopes abandoned, Garfield Whyte offers his thoughts in his collection of poetry, Feelings: Expressions From Deep Within. The titles to Whyte’s offerings provide insight into the emotions he examines within his works, and his feelings about his experiences and memories, including those such as “Yearning,” “Paradox,” “Pursuit,” “The Little That We Had,” “I Want to Cry,” and “Unsure.” Whyte accompanies his renditions with a series of clear and lovely photographs that complement the emotions he seeks to express within his work. The photos are consistent, without jarring differences in type and color that might otherwise throw a reader off track. Occasionally, the text wraps around and envelops a photograph, making for a single artistic offering — a single overall impression to engage both the reader’s thoughts and his eye.

It is clear when reading Garfield Whyte’s poetry in Feelings that he has loved and lost, yearned, desired, and even been forsaken from time to time. And who amongst us has not? We can identify with such thoughts as: “The smell of you still lingers on my pillow,” “Now you stand firm and tall in my life like yon’ oak tree,” “In my mind I am compelled to recreate,” and “It’s such a joy your path crossed mine.” Indeed, these are experiences we have all shared. Readers will be pleased to know that he invites those unable to adequately express their own feelings to find the words that they seek within his works.