Orientation Presentation to Hampton Students

  • 9-11-2015




A pleasant good morning to you all ….. thanks for the invitation and warm welcome, it is an honour to be asked to make this presentation, …. just to confess that when I was first asked by the principal and Mrs Flemming….I declined …. thought that a past Hamptonian would be best to motivate you girls but then I said an opportunity to give back to society and of course for a trip back to cool Malvern should be worth it all.


I am trying to think what my mind set was when I just entered 3rd form at Munro …. What would I have wanted to hear when I entered 3rd form, an opportunity you have today which I didn’t have then.

Graduation may seem far away, depending on whether you go to 6th form but it is not too late to start thinking about life beyond the gates of  this prestigious bastion of leaning…. bastion of values …. bastion of integrity.


In this globalised world life will be so much more competitive when you leave these gates….permanently!



….very profound and inherent in this statement are the following;


-       Cultivate implies, dedication, commitment, resilience ----   need to expand on this


-       Thinking globally,

-       Think outside the box

-       Dare to be different

-       Setting the bar high for oneself so as to achieve and succeed (thereby obtaining that winning ticket)


When you develop reliance to achieve your goals you ought to have certain underlying qualities, whether they are inborn or CULTIVATED, they will be the pillars to your success….pillars for your …….. WINNING TICKET.


H            Honest (priceless)


A            Amiable (friendly and pleasant in manner)


M           Modest (humble view of one’s abilities and achievements)


P            Persevering (continuing in a course action of action despite difficulties and challenges)


T            Trustworthy(follows you to your grave)

 O            Optimistic

   N            Noble (having fine personal qualities and high moral principles)



You all know about the LOTTO, that if you don’t pick the winning numbers and the ticket with those numbers you don’t stand a chance…right?


So if you want to pick the winning ticket for success in life …. You need to start within these walls of this prestigious institution.


Then you MUST pick the letters, for your winning ticket....in fact you have picked them already and may not even realize it.


Just being a Hampton student puts you on the road to success. So your destiny is set … already.


Remember that in choosing your career to select one that you will be happy with, not through pressure from anyone.


You will need to be happy on the job and especially at the end of each day when you get home.




It may not come immediately after life at Hampton but keep at it ….. Cultivate that attitude of hope …. that attitude Resilience …. that attitude of optimism.


There will be luck for many of us…at least what some call luck but many of it will be through hard work, dedication and a will to succeed.


My early years of working and studying right after being so sheltered at Munro proved to be my winning ticket in later years, I weathered the storm when I had to work and study.


THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR Hard work and Dedication … NONE


Remember the acronym



Illustrate how Perseverance with Creativity becomes a WINNING TICKET


Chocolate Cookies – in 1930 Ruth Wakefield was running chores for the Toll House in  Massachusetts, USA. She was baking chocolate cookies and ran out of baker’s chocolate. She substituted that by breaking up some sweetened chocolate into small pieces and added them to the cookie dough. She expected that the heat of the oven would melt the chocolate and it would melt into the dough but that did not happen. She accidentally had invented the chocolate chip cookie.


Today chocolate chip cookie are sold worldwide and are household favourite, in fact there is now chocolate chip ice cream


Ice Cream Cones – in 1904 in St Louis, Missouri Ernist Hamwi was at a fair selling Persian waffles, close by was an ice cream vendor, who ran out of containers to sell his ice cream. Hamwri seized the opportunity to role his wafers and have the ice cream vendor put scoops of ice cream in them. You in Jamaica we would say “it sell of”… right?

It was a hot sell …. The ICE CREAM WAS HOT


What figure of speech is that?


Oxymoron …. From the Greek word, Oxy …Sharp…Moros …Dull


These wafers were such a hit that it became the ice cream cone.


(This is a perfect example of SEIZING the OPPORTUNITY)sometimes it comes just ONCE! Or you “miss the boat” as is often said.


Coke – In 1886 a Pharmacist John Pemberton, called Doc, after fighting in the civil war tried inventing a few drugs and failed at all of them except one.


He went to Atlanta and tried at the beverage market and made this drink in a three legged brass kettle in his back yard. Up to 1905 it had extracts of cocaine and was marketed as nerve tonic, stimulant and headache remedy and was sold by druggist then, (not druggist as we know them today these were the precursors to our Pharmacy today.


A law in Atlanta in 1886 prohibited some of the ingredients and so Pemberton has to re work the formula and he sweetened it with sugar and not wine it was soon after that carbonated water was added and then came the popular Coco cola which is sold worldwide.


Post It – in 1970 Spencer Silver was working for 3M Company trying to develop a strong adhesive. His experiment failed miserably as the glue turned out to be weaker than all the others. It seemed a failed invention but it was not thrown away.


About four years later another 3M scientist, Arthur Fray was singing in his church choir. The page markers on his hymnal kept falling out. He remembered the glue at the factory and tried using it to keep the markers in place. He was amazed that the markers could be removed easily without tearing the pages of the hymnal.


TEN (10) years later after Spencer Silver’s failed invention …or at least what seem a failed invention, 3M started selling what is known at the POSTIT note pads, in different colours …. Shapes … and sizes.


Velcro – A Swiss engineer, George de Mestral in 1948 returned from a walk in the fields and his pants was covered with what we call “burr”. He picked them off and examined them under a microscope and realized that these burr’s had  thin strands with hooks. He realized how they worked like a fastener clinging to his clothes. He took eight (8) years to develop what is known today as VELCRO now used on all types of clothing. No mistake here just 8 years of determination.


You may not all be a Ruth  Wakefield or Ernist Hamwi or John Pemberton or Spencer Silver & Arthur Fry or George de Mestral 


BUT you can emulate their passion for being so dedicated and translate their attributes to your own circumstances by starting now. Cultivate that creativity for success starting within these walls.


USE every situation whether pleasant or frustrating even if it seem like a mistake use them to your advantage no matter how unpleasant, you MUST endeavour to learn from them … don’t see them as mistakes … but rather opportunities.


MENTION some famous quotes on Mistakes


If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down”.


Mary Pickford (1893 - 1979) Canadian Actress


Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.

Al Franken (Former US Senator)

We must not say every mistake is a foolish one.

Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC) Marcus Cicero


Cicero was the greatest speaker among the many famous statesmen of ancient Rome. He practiced law and studied philosophy in Greece before holding a rising sequence of important jobs in the Roman Empire. In 64 BCE he became Consul, the highest office in Rome. As Consul he won fame for his orations against Cataline, the head of a secret conspiracy to seize the government. Always a staunch supporter of the Republic, Cicero was eventually forced from office by his enemies, and when Julius Caesar consolidated his power in 48 BC, Cicero went into political retirement. During this time he wrote his famous essays on happiness, on old age, and on friendship. ( eg of grasping opportunity again)

As long as you live by those principles … attributes …… where ever God places you in this world …..and you keep 



You will be guaranteed to


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