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Fate is my name

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“It's no use crying over spilt milk,
because all of the forces of the universe
were bent on spilling it.”

― W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage

Eighteen-year-old Amy Jones’s family is destroyed when her mother murders her father and she is thrown out of her family home. Around the same time, she discovers she is adopted.
Struggling to make ends meet, she gets a job as a receptionist at a prestigious hotel and meets Dirk, a fifty-three year-old Swiss millionaire, and they fall in love. Though initially apprehensive, Amy accepts Dirk’s proposal. Her life is forever changed; she moves to Switzerland and tragedy strikes.
Valentino Davydenko, a first generation Russian immigrant in Switzerland, helps her through the tragedy, to find true happiness, love and a life she never dreamt was possible.

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She was born a Good Girl

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“I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.”
― Marilyn Monroe

At ten years old Zoe was a sweet innocent girl, but by the time final year comes around she is a good girl turned bad.
Myra decides to follow Zoe her childhood friend to this prestigious all-girls school and their close childhood bond makes them a formidable pair.
Most kids would do anything for a good education, not Anona. She only wants to land a rich man. Hampton is just a social club, after all, this was her parents’ idea.
Jody hails from an abusive home. She finds herself in a battle for her self-hood and morality. This is her sanctuary.
Nola is a mildly geeky girl with dreams for a good career break. Hampton can make them happen. She wants to make her parents proud and so she refuses to allow Zoe and her posse to pervert her.
Zoe and her renegades are a raunchy bunch never seen in this school’s history. So, no-nonsense principal, Lenora Mustafa has her hands full this year as she strives to maintain the school’s enviable reputation.
It’s final year at the Hampton School, a prestigious all-girls boarding school in Jamaica where parents send their daughters to become ladies; but some girls allow their raging hormones to turn them into renegades. Everyone is different in this sisterhood, but they all share a common goal to graduate at the end of this school year. How will it go?

Welcome to final year!

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NOW on AMAZON ”TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod"

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  Now Available on Amazon

TJ (Taj James) an 18 year old high school basketball star wants to make this summer his best ever, before he leaves to take up his college basketball scholarship, but he needs help. So, he rolls the dice and calls on his 55 year old Uncle Peter, a womanizer par excellence, to help him with those plans. TJ holds secrets for Uncle Peter so TJ was very sure his uncle would do anything for him, as his uncle's promises seemed more sacred than wedding vows. As summer rolled along TJ is forced to make decisions whether to be a good boy or to practice some of the lessons his uncle is teaching him. Was it worth it when summer ended? That will depend on whose side you are on.

TJ's Last Summer in Cape Cod
is; bold, provocative, rude, sexy, suspenseful, unpredictable and witty. You will want to be 18 again.

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Now Available on Amazon "Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill"

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Nostalgia from: A City Set upon a Hill

Now Available on Amazon

San Francisco Book Review
Nostalgia from: A City Set upon a Hill  By Garfield “Garry” Whyte

In this sentimental memoir, Garfield Whyte takes readers down a wistful, thoughtful, and saccharine journey down memory lane in his book //Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon A Hill.

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Feelings – is a collection of environmental photography and poems that complement each other.

Now Available on Amazon
It is available in  soft cover at

About Feelings

FOR that moment you cannot put in words of your own, or that memory you need to define but just don’t know how. Maybe it’s a sentiment that you need to express, but your pen has run out of ink.

You’ll never know when you will want to express that thought. It may be for a lover or just a good friend. Perhaps it is an experience that is always in your mind.

In fact, you may not even know what you’re feeling as you may be confused. You may just be short on words. No need to panic as you can find that special lyric right here in Feelings.

The poems in this collection complement express that feeling that’s within, that thought lurking deep inside. Feelings is exactly what it is, expressions from deep within, words you will want to read over and over again. It’s a treasury of thoughts, feelings, and expressions of love, joy, sadness, and sweet memories.

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Environmental photography, hiking, NBA, tennis, football, athletics, poetry, a true to life movie, a sentimental novel and music (particularly old school music whether it be gospel, instrumental, pop, vintage reggae, soul R&B, country).

Favorite International TV Personalities
Robin Meade, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Fredricka Whitfield, Sunny Hostin 

Favorite TV Channels
Tennis, ESPN, MSNBC, Hallmark, Lifetime, TBN, National Geographic, Discovery 

Favorite Movies, TV Programs and Documentaries
Although I am not a movie fan as much as a music lover, I like;

The Net, On Golden Pond, Only the Strong (including the sound track), An Affair to Remember, Pretty Woman, Forensic Files, Billy Graham Classics (on TBN), The Golden Girls (because Sophia looks almost identical to my Mom)  

Other TV Programs

Junior Schools Challenge Quiz
Digicel Rising Stars
Magnun Kings and Queens of Dancehall
All Together Sing
Entertainment Report
On Stage 

Favorite NBA Teams 

Oklahoma City Thunders
LA Clippers  

Favorite Tennis Players; Past and Present

Roger … Roger Federer of course, Stanislas Wawrinka, David Ferrer, Fernando Gonzales, Nick Kyrios, Grigor Dimitrov, Nikolay Davydenko (he took the ball out the air so effortlessly), Pete Sampras, Juan Martin Del Potro, Goran Ivanisevic, Pat Rafter, Alex Corretja, Richard Gasquet

Monica Seles, Steffi Graf, Lindsay Davenport, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, Sabine Lisicki, Garbine Mugruza, Agnieska Radwanska, Madison Keys, Na Li, Maria Kirilinko, Nadia Petrova, Elena Dimentieva, Jelena Jankovic, Kim Clijsters 

Favorite Musical

Mama Mia; the Toronto version, I had to see it four times. Abba really came alive. 

Foods and Drinks

Tis an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers.” Romeo and Juliet: Act 4, Scene 2

“One who is full loathes honey, but to one who is hungry everything bitter is sweet.” Proverbs 27: 7

Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.”  Ecclesisates 9:7  

Pasta, curried goat, seafood, stewed gungo peas (or lentil)  with pig tail, bulgar, sweet potato (in any form except as pudding), ripe plantain (in any form), cashew, almond, prune, red wines (not dry but fruity), Trinidadian punch cream, Calico Jack run punch, juices (tamarind, guava, carrot with milk, soursop, cane), cornmeal pudding, toto, cassava pudding